ปิดรับออเดอร์ 31/3/2018 // สินค้าวางจำหน่ายในต่างประเทศ เดือน 6/2018

1100 BAHT
1300 BAHT

Aki the 3rd space pirate -


From "Mobile Suit Warrior Crossbone · Gundam", Tobia · Aronax Drives Crossbone · Gundam X 3 into HG kit!

Impressive head shape, thorax armor, I field generator is built in the forearm to reproduce with new modeling!

Muramasa · Blaster and other abundant arms are included!


● X3 body shape reproduced with new modeling!


     X3's characteristic head and blade antenna are reproduced by new modeling.


    Thoracic armor

     Impressive breast cuff relief and front crown armor around cockpit hatch reproduced with new parts.


    Hand parts

     I field It is indispensable for the reproduction of the scene in which the hand parts to which the mold of the generator is applied to the palm are attached to the left and right.



     I Reproduce the shape of the forearm carrying the field generator.

     It also reproduces the shape of the I field generator, which is placed in the armor of the forearm with gimmicks on opening and closing.


● Muramasa · Blaster and others, plenty of arms are included!

    Muramasa · Blaster

     Muramasa · blaster is attached, which is equipment specially equipped with Crossbone · Gundam X 3.

     The 14 beam emitters on the side of Muramasa · Blaster and the beam blades emitted from the tip,

     Reproducible with clear effect parts.


    Muramasa · Blaster can pose in both sword and gun forms.


    In addition to this, abundant arms such as Zambaster, Screw Webb, Scissor Anchor, Heat Dagger are included.


- Corresponding to abundance of armed, hand parts are enriched!

    Weapons only for weapons that can stably grasp the unique weapons of Crossbone Gundam are also enriched.


    Left hand part corresponding to Muramasa · Blaster, left hand part for I field occurrence scene reproduction are new shaping.

    In addition, three hand parts are included.


Attached armed:

Muramasa · Blaster / Zanbuster (Beam Numberber / Buster Gun) /

Scissor Anchor / Screw Web / Heat Dagger / Beam Saber

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