ปิดรับออเดอร์ 31/3/2018 // สินค้าวางจำหน่ายในต่างประเทศ เดือน 6/2018

1100 BAHT
1300 BAHT

Cosmic pirate Crossbone Gundam X1 revolution, turning the cloak, appears in the HGUC series! !


From "Mobile Suit Warrior Crossbone · Gundam", Crossbone · Gundam X1 reformed in HGUC series.

Crossbone Gundam's impressive ABC cloaks and arms are reproduced one after another! 


● ABC mantle included!

   Crossbone · Gundam's distinctive ABC mantle is reproduced with a special vinyl material with a sense of elasticity.

   Flexible expression different from cloth and molded products is possible.


- Two kinds of armed weapons of new shaping!

   Screw web with distinctive weapon X1 reformable equipment that can be equipped with both hands,

   Scissor anchors equipped with X1 can also be reproduced with new shaped parts and leads on which free tracks can be drawn.

   The main part base part for scissors · anchor is also new and included.


● Rear Armor Shape Reproduction!

   Reproduce the distinctive main body shape of X1 rework with molded parts.


● Extensive armored accessories that extend the range of posing. Weapon dedicated hand parts are enriched.


Attached Armor: Screw / Web / Scissor Anchor / Zanbuster (Beam Numberber / Buster Gun) /

        Heat · Dagger / Beam · Saber / Brand · Marker / Beam · Shield

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