ปิดรับออเดอร์ 31/3/2018 // สินค้าวางจำหน่ายในต่างประเทศ เดือน 6/2018

1300 BAHT
1500 BAHT

From "Mobile Suit Warrior Crossbone · Gundam Ghost", crossbone · Gundam X - 0 is made into HG kit!

Reproduce the X-0 fuselage shape / body color with new shaping!

Butterfly buster, multipurpose attacking weapon "Gujak" and so on, abundant arms are attached!


● Reproduce the shape of X-0 fuselage with new modeling!

    A characteristic blade antenna of X - 0 is reproduced by new modeling.

    Also new parts are used for the heat dissipating duct part of the chest.


● Metallic color molding color, reproduce Silver aircraft color!

    Silver's aircraft color reproduces with a metallic color molding color to express metallic feeling.


● Butterfly buster, peacock reconstructed with new shaping!


    · Butterfly Buster

    Crossbone Gundam X - 0 main armament, butterfly buster newly comes with 2.

    By replacing the parts, it is possible to reproduce two forms of gun mode and saber mode.

    For saber mode reproduction, new effect parts are also included.


    · Multi-purpose attack weapon "Peacock"

    Multiple weapons with integrated functions of Muramasa · Blaster and Peacock Musher are reproduced by new modeling.

    Transformation to buster mode and smasher mode can be reproduced by replacing parts.    


Attached armed:

Butterfly Buster / Peacock / Scissor Anchor / ABC Cloak /

Heat Dagger / Zanbuster (Beam Numberber / Buster Gun) / Beam Saber

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