The Love Live Blade! Sunshine!! for this concert has not only the 3rd Concert Standard Version, but also the member color versions that are exclusive to pre-order. The handle part is in each member's color and has each member's name on. This is a must-have item for the fans!

Product Size: Light emitting partφ30 × H150mm. Total length 250mm.
Color Changeover: All nine colors.The color changes each time you press the button. It is possible to change the order.
Chika Takami: Mikan color, Riko Sakurauchi: Sakura pink color, Kanan Matsuura: Emerald green color, Dia Kurosawa: Red color, You Watanabe: Light blue color, Yoshiko Tsushima: White color, Hanamaru Kunikida: Yellow color, Mari Ohara: Violet red color, Ruby Kurosawa: Pink color.