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1000 BAHT
1200 BAHT

● M Reims, Vesuvar on the back, reproduced with new shaping!


  【M Lance】

   A large lance with a total length of about 15 cm is newly included.

   The head of the lance can rotate and it can be suspended at the waist.



   A normal Vespa is installed in the waist and as a thruster in the back

   We also expand the number of Vespa 2 fulfilling functions.


   On the back side Vespa, a sliding mechanism is mounted on the connecting arm with the main body,

   By moving forward, opening the gun gate, you can reproduce the full injection (full burst) mode.


● Reproduce the distinctive airframe shape with new shaping!

  Reproduced each part of MS that was subjected to original remodeling by Julian's hand with new modeling.


  - Reproduced large-sized antenna, face guard with new modeling.

   The face at the time of heat radiation can also be reproduced by selective expression.


  · Armor of red collar chest and both shoulders use new parts.

   On the left arm is a new booster gauntlet that can assist attack at M lance and can also be used for interception.


  · The waist, skirt part is reproduced by new modeling.


  · Knuckle armor, ankle, ankle guard use new parts. 


Attached armed: M lance / Vesber / Beam rifle  



1/144 Scale Assembleable Plastic model

Age: 8 years old and over

Product material: PS · PE

· Adhesive is not used for assembly



※ The image is CG based on the design data under development. Product specifications are subject to change.

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