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1000 BAHT
1200 BAHT

From the official Gaiden "Gundam Build Fighters A - R"

New star's "shine" - Yuuki · Tatsuya's best friend / Satsuki · Toru's new love machine, Tall Strike Gundam Glitter appears!


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It will also appear in "HOBBY HOBBY Imaging Builder" ( ♪



From Official Gaiden 'Gundam Build Fighters A-R', Yuuki Tatsuya's best friend - Satsuki and Toul drives

Tall Strike Gundam Glitter is commercialized in the HGBF series!


Remotely controlled weapons glitter levs equipped on both shoulders and short pistol are newly included.

The body also incorporates new shaping, reproduces the remodeling place!


● Armament of both shoulders · Glitter levre is reproduced with new modeling!

  Remotely controlled weapons equipped on both shoulder · Glitter levre reproduced by new modeling.

  Equipped with Amazing Strike Freedom.


- Short pistol is newly included!

 Two short pistols are newly included. A beam saber can be connected to the tip of the short pistol.


● Reproduce the aircraft shape customized with the hand of the toy with a new modeling!


  - Antenna, helmet etc, most of the head consists of new parts.


  · Reproduction of chest and waist front skirt by new modeling.


  - Knuckle armor, ankle guard, use new parts for toes.


Armed with: short pistol / beam saber



1/144 Scale Assembleable Plastic model

Age: 8 years old and over

Product material: PS · PE

· Adhesive is not used for assembly



※ The image is CG based on the design data under development. Product specifications are subject to change. 


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