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4950 BAHT
5800 BAHT

- "Black Three Star" Appears in Real-Grade -

In case

From "Mobile Suit Gundam MSV", MS-06R-1A black triple star exclusive Zaku II,

In 1/144, we commercialized it in the RG series pursuing minimalistic expression and "real".

In case

In case

- Color ring of the black triad of planet aircraft, reproduce thoroughly the shape of the aircraft!

Elbow, leg part fuel cartridges such as the black triple-star model MS parts are reproduced.

Represent characteristic color of aircraft color in multiple molding colors with different color tones.

In case

The Gaia machine and the head of the Ortega and mash machine can be reproduced selectively.

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● Gaia, Ortega, Mash, included a new realistic decal that recorded each marking!

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● Various arms of 06R-1A are included!

Various arms like Giant Buzz, Zak Machine Gun, Zak Bazooka, Heat Hawk are reproduced in RG compliance.

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Attached armed: Zaku Bazooka / Zak machine gun / Heat Hawk / Giant Buzz

Includes: RG 1/144 MS - 06R - 1A Black Three Star only Zaku II × 3

Triple action base × 1

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1/144 Scale Assembleable Plastic Model

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Target age:

RG Black Three Star only Zaku II / 15 years old and over

Triple action base / over 8 years old

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Product material:

RG Black Three Star Special Zaku II / PS · PP · ABS

Triple action base / PS · ABS

In case

· Adhesive is not used for assembly

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