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2890 BAHT
3700 BAHT

"Astraye red, descend!"
From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY ASTRAY R"
Gundam Astray Turn Red appeared in master grade. Large blade antenna of the head,
The chin guards to be mounted under the chin, etc., reproduce the characteristic airframe shape with new shaping.
In case
● Reproduce the characteristic airframe shape with new shaping!
Reproduce distinctive airframe shape with new shaping everywhere.
Also compared with the Gundam Astray Red Frame, the red color and the white color were reversed to reproduce the aircraft color of Turn Red in the molded color.
In case
A large-size Blade antenna that draws a V character and a chin guard attached under the chin are reproduced by new modeling. In case
In case
Reproduce the backpack with new modeling.
A suspension arm is newly provided, and it is possible to connect tactical arms.
In case
[Lower part]
Reproduction of power pack suspended waist unit parts and power pack base with new modeling.
In case
In case
● Large sword "Tactical Arms", a tremendous action by!
Two large sword "Tactical Arms" which is the characteristic equipment of turn red comes with 2.
In addition to being able to suspend on the back, you can also enjoy the action as a handheld weapon.
In case
It comes with a display stand for Tactical Arms,
Stable posing is possible.
In case
In case
- Line marking etc. recorded! New design marking sticker included!
In case
In case
- Valerio Valeri (double buoy) figures of the same scale are included!
In case
In case
Armed with: Tactical Arms / Beam Rifle / Beam Shield / Armor Schneider
In case
1/100 scale assembled plastic model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Product material: PS · PE · ABS · PP
· Adhesive is not used for assembly.